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 Fashion. Faith. Fitness.

Challenging young women to raise the standard on the culture by living out the word of God in fashion, faith and fitness.
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Girls in this generation are facing a dangerous battle for their hearts, with depression, teen pregnancy, fatherlessness, suicide and the loss of hope at an all time high. Their options are limited to the latest self-help books or pop philosophy.

We believe women can be made whole by the power of God’s Word. By calling young women to challenge the culture by living out the Word of God in faith, fashion, and fitness. We challenge all women to model a life worth imitating by intentionally training and equipping a new generation of women to embrace their Father in Heaven and every blessing He has for them in His Word.

Fashion. Faith. Fitness.

We accomplished this through partnering with churches to host conferences where we will be dig into God's Word to see what our Father has to say about the areas of faith, fashion, and fitness by teaching women how to use the Word of God to experience victory over personal struggles and unbiblical thinking. We give a practical perspective on how secure and grounded women dress and take care of their bodies. We will build relationships and continue the conversation after the conference through our website and social media interaction.

I was blown away by this day-long retreat! There was such amazing teachings on modesty, fitness and most of all our relationship with the Heavenly Father and those in our lives.
— Liana
After stepping out of the Strength Dignity Life Conference, I felt our Father’s presence working on me. That I needed to change my way of living into something better and healthier. Because I want to be his Princess.
— Kelley


Available for speaking engagements and conferences.


Apryl Ortiz

Combining her personal story of redemption with biblical truth, Apryl Ortiz is a Christian speaker and motivator who strives to connect to others with the story of God’s grace. Apryl attests to God’s sovereign Fatherhood, not only with her redeemed past and family, but with her present mission to encourage young women toward leading lives of strength and dignity.


Born in a rural community, Apryl was raised in the church and responded to Christ as her savior at a young age, but did not acknowledge her true calling until much later in life. After her parents divorced, Apryl not only suffered the effects of a broken home, but also survived multiple instances of sexual abuse and rape in her childhood and teen years. She soon turned to a life of violence, drugs, and sex to still her rage. Enduring a toxic marriage of her own, Apryl had 3 daughters with her first husband by the time she turned 20. It wasn’t until after her divorce that she rediscovered transformative grace in embracing Christ as her loving Father, who through all of her pain had always been close at hand.


Apryl found a new fervor for serving the Lord through her involvement with Youth For Christ, as she developed relationships with hurting students and used her powerful gift of prayer to share the grace she had received. She served for 12 years as a Campus Life director and impacted the lives of hundreds of students on campus. Honoring and redeeming His daughter again, the Lord brought Apryl into a new journey with Ozzie Ortiz, whom she married in 2004. During her years by Ozzie’s side as a youth and young adult minister at First Christian Church, she raised up countless young women to be teachers, prayer warriors, and disciples who live out the Great Commission.


Apryl currently resides in El Centro, California with her husband Ozzie as the mother of three adult daughters and grandmother to her sweet grandson. God continues to move mightily on her behalf as He has opened doors for Apryl to carry her story of redemption to young women around the country and around the world. She lives out her mission to challenge young women to raise the standard against the culture by living out the Word of God in fashion, faith and fitness.


A note

from our friends.

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Amidst the voices of a culture with toxic advice for young women, Apryl Ortiz' is one this generation needs to hear. With over 15 years of youth ministry experience, she speaks frankly and passionately from a heart that understands young people. Apryl's down-to-earth style of communicating, her passion for sharing the love of Jesus and her commitment to helping girls make healthy life choices, make her a powerful voice in the confusing space between faith and fashion where young ladies find themselves.

Jeremiah Vik
Executive Director, Imperial Valley Youth for Christ

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"Apryl Ortiz is a dynamic speaker who draws you in with her energetic speaking style, humble yet challenging lessons, and passionate love for Jesus that literally oozes out of her pours! Apryl has the desire to teach and instill the love of Christ into the lives of young women, and have them fully experience the true meaning of grace, mercy, forgiveness, hope and new life that can only come from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Cami Sturdevant
Leader, College and Career Group Imperial Valley

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“Our culture is bombarded with immorality, opposing world views, and chaos. We need Christian leaders who do not compromise on Scripture and lead by example in what it means to follow Jesus. Apryl Ortiz is one of those Christian leaders who will energetically and unapologetically speak into the lives of our women for the glory of God.”

Sean Arviso
Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel El Centro

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