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Women in this generation are facing a dangerous battle for their hearts, with depression, teen pregnancy, fatherlessness, suicide and the loss of hope at an all time high. Their options are limited to the latest self-help books or pop philosophy.

We believe women can be made whole by the power of God’s Word. By calling young women to challenge the culture by living out the Word of God in every area of life. We challenge all women to model a life worth imitating by intentionally training and equipping a new generation of women to embrace their Father in Heaven and every blessing He has for them in His Word.


“Challenging young women to raise the standard on the culture by living out the word of God in every area of life.”


We partner with churches to host conferences where we dig into God's Word to see what our Father has to say about every area of life by teaching women how to use the Word of God to experience victory over personal struggles and unbiblical thinking. We give a practical perspective on how secure and grounded women dress and take care of their bodies. We will build relationships and continue the conversation after the conference through our website and social media interaction.

After stepping out of the Strength Dignity Life Conference, I felt our Father’s presence working on me. That I needed to change my way of living into something better and healthier. Because I want to be his Princess.
I was blown away by this day-long retreat! There was such amazing teachings on modesty, fitness and most of all our relationship with the Heavenly Father and those in our lives.

Apryl Ortiz

Combining her personal story of redemption with biblical truth, Apryl Ortiz is a Christian speaker and motivator who strives to connect to others with the story of God’s grace. Apryl attests to God’s sovereign Fatherhood, not only with her redeemed past and family, but with her present mission to encourage young women toward leading lives of strength and dignity. 



Available for speaking engagements and conferences.


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